No mail, just junk

Is there anything worse than junk mail, whether we receive it digitally or it clogs up our mailbox at home, few care for it, if any. I’d hazard most would reserve a special place in hell for those who send/deliver it to us as it’s just unwanted.

In my own neighbourhood we receive a fairly large quantity of junk mail on a weekly basis, and in our case we never actually read it, it’s straight to the recycle bin as it’s just catalogues for shops, or real estate flyers, food flyers, or some other assortment of crud. What incenses me greatly about junk mail is coming home to find one of these sadists has pulled out prior (unwanted) deliveries, thrown these on the ground in order to make space for their own items.

Were it not raining today I’d be heading to our local Bunnings, a hardware megastore, for the necessary items to affix a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign to our mailbox. I only wish this was a global phenomenon, government-led of course, whereby junk mail were no longer permitted thereby saving so many trees each year. Instead, all these catalogues were deliverable digitally to those who *choose* to subscribe, are looking to the bargains etc each week.

Now, if I could also find a way to have bills declared ‘junk mail’ 🤔

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