macOS Mail sub par

macOS Mail is long overdue some love, this app is frankly sub par as far as Mail apps go. Some time ago now I was forced to swap one of my accounts across from it to outlook for Mac as I was consistently having issues with Mail syncing incessantly. It would seem this issue has returned once more in the Catalina beta, tonight I was having to continuously drag files to folders and they would continuously restore as though I’d never moved them.

I’m honestly thinking I will have to move everything across to outlook, I just hope Microsoft doesn’t impose number of account restrictions in their app as I’ll be stuffed having five email accounts.

Such a pity Apple can’t seem to get their act together on this app, iOS is an entirely different story, here their app is better than Microsoft’s. Sigh 😔

The iPhone 11 Pro

I picked up my new iPhone 11 pro from Vodafone morning, though I needed to wait until I returned home to start playing with my new device as I was unable to connect to the wifi available at the shopping centre as they require you to provide details to gain access.

One home though, the setup of my new iPhone went smoothly, the old iPhone detecting the new and offering itself up for transfer with the dot cloud to which you hold the camera up and settings are magically transferred. Then began the process of migrating my most recent backup from iCloud, thank the stars I have a 50Mbit connection given I was transferring a large backup. That said, it didn’t take terribly long before the phone restarted and the process of all my apps began installing from the App Store commenced, this did take some time.

I must say the new iPhone is just gorgeous. I went with the new midnight green colour, I was initially hesitant when ordering the colour, however I am glad I did as it’s quite nice. I am also glad of my decision not to go the larger max size and stick with the same size I’d had with my iPhone X, it fits comfortably in hand. I had ordered a UAG case from a vendor over east, sadly they only shipped it yesterday, so I’ve purchased Apple’s clear case which is nice and shows the phone off to boot.

The new camera array is great, when combined with the overhauled camera app it is going to really make for an enjoyable upgrade as I love photography. I look forward to trying out its night mode at some point; check out this photographer’s photo taken in China, it shows how incredible this phone and night mode truly are.

Finally, fast charging is a big win. I don’t usually charge with a cable but rather via the wireless qi pad, but I will keep the cable handy for when I need to head out quickly in future, can get you to 50% in 30 minutes apparently.

A great upgrade that certainly takes advantage of the latest iOS features.

iOS 13: Okay, but a few bugs

I awoke early this morning, way too early in fact, to install the latest release iOS operating system. Larger than I remember previous releases being at a touch over 2GB, its installation didn’t really take terribly long.

I have noticed Apple has gone to greater lengths in this release to explain how to use functions like the swipe keyboard, new app update changes etc that might otherwise have required your going to the web to discover them in the past. I must say I am loving the keyboard change, this has taken so long to come from the Android world to our own, though there was offerings in the form of third party keyboards several years ago. For me, it means no longer having to be super accurate with my key presses having larger fingers!

I have also found a negative with the latest release sadly, Bluetooth connectivity to my car requires an extra step at the moment, something I am hoping 13.1 will resolve shortly. I also experienced issues initially connecting to my Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones, though eventually got them to talk so I could walk to the shops at lunch.

You win some, you lose some. Now I look forward to see how my new phone functions, should have it shortly.

Upgrades day

Today iOS 13 has finally shipped, and finally we have a quick path keyboard native to iOS as Android users have had for so many years. It has been one of those features I have looked forward to most of all, having previously tried third party keyboards I got a taste of things years ago, but with the sense of potentially being observed.

On the weekend I decided to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 Pro, which looks to be arriving today. I am hoping to get the call to drop by the store to pick the phone up, hopefully during my lunch break. Sadly the case I ordered online hasn’t shipped, they eluded to having in stock but wasn’t, now I am forced to buy an alternate Apple case to ensure the new phone is protected.

Am looking forward to getting out there over the weekend and taking some photos.

Recovered and achieving

Between a brief setback with my lungs recently, and then days later coming down with a bad case of gastro that saw me off work last week, I hadn’t exercised in around ten days.

I was going rather stir crazy looking at these four walls you might say, and if had to watch ads from Real Insurance or Choosi one more time I’d have my sister lock me up in the psych ward.

Finally, this weekend I was starting to feel better. Saturday I wasn’t quite there, the stomach still rather angry, but well enough to venture out (and order the new iPhone 11 Pro). Today though, my stomach had settled down far more and I felt safe to finally head out. I threw on the Under Armour gear, Beats headphones and started playing the Markus Schulz Global Dj Broadcast podcast.

I like to do an 8km route, taking under 90 minutes to complete, resulting in just over 10,000 steps by the time I open my front door.

My sneakers have been showing their age, having been bought years ago. I returned this afternoon to Athlete’s Foot to seek a new pair, though damned if I could remember the brand, and their computer was having issues and couldn’t look me up either. As I’ve lost more than a few kilos since I’d last visited it was probably worth getting on their assessment tool anyway.

Ironically, the sneakers I ended up choosing were by the same brand as those I was looking to replace, Saucony. The others I tried were nice but just nowhere as comfortable as these, nor as stylish.

Inspired by my new purchase I again headed out tonight for a second walk, not something I do terribly often. I am stoked I did, I’ve ended the day with around 23,000 steps and achieved 400% move award for the first time on my Apple Watch as well as an exercise record. Chuffed!

Gutenberg blocks

I’m developing a client site for the first time using WordPress and Gutenberg blocks. On the one hand it is good that I haven’t needed to go out and purchase a premium theme, thus could keep the cost down for the client a little, but on the other hand it has also been a bit frustrating.

The Gutenberg interface is generally okay to work with, but it doesn’t always avail itself when you need it to, making it a more difficult way in which to develop a website. I have also been using a supporting blocks plugin to extend Gutenberg, this whilst good has too added to the frustration when working with background images, too few options here mean these images were often displaying poorly and I needed to delete.

I have hit a brick wall trying to interface with my clients events services sites, neither that she has been using works nicely with WordPress, thus I’ve emailed her tonight to convince her that Eventbrite might better suit. Fingers crossed it’s something she will consider; I feel like I’ve changed everything bar her business name since working with her.

Been a long day.

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