Doggie escapee

Sound the alarm bells, we’ve an escapee on the run. Well, as we soon discovered Wednesday morning the wee dog we had just started minding for a week had done a runner on its first morning. Wow!

Our neighbours had called in the RSPCA as an unknown dog was roaming the street, seen coming from ours. I was home, however sick for days was fast asleep on the couch and completely unawares. It was only after returning from the local shops and seeing the postie go by, checking our mailbox did I see their calling card – oh my!

I forwarded it on to my housemate who’d agreed to look after ‘Sookie’ so she could discuss with them how he’d be collected. Embarrassingly, they wanted to talk to its owner, it was not in a good state as I saw that night. Its fur/hair was in dire need of shaving and stank so bad, they queried the owner if they wanted to re-home. When I saw Sookie that night for the first time i understood why, made me so angry.

The next morning the housemate took him to the vet where he was given the full day spa treatment it would seem, and loved it. Came home with a certificate too and unrecognisable, hair shaved off I’d honestly have thought they’d swapped dogs.

Today, I had to head out for an appointment at the hospital and thought we’d secured him well enough following his last escape attempt. How wrong I was. Sitting, waiting to be seen I received a text from my neighbour to say he’d tried it on again and got wedged in the fence. Thankfully they helped us out and secured things better than did we, but slightly embarrassing.

I think Sookie is a poor choice of name for this one, perhaps Houdini might be more apt. Needs some tattoos too I think.

Apple Watch Series 5

Was anyone else disappointed by the Apple Watch Series 5 announcement yesterday? I have to say I was. For me it feels very much like it should have been a Series 4.1 not Series 5. Why? I just don’t feel like an always on screen really justifies a new series moniker, couldn’t that just be achieved via a watchOS update?

It had been hyped that Apple might have been bringing sleep tracking to this release, however I don’t see it having made it to the announcement, or to the website, so looks like it’s a Series 6 feature? I had been looking to Series 5 for an update for my current Series 2 Nike+, however now I am going to hold off and spare my wallet the unnecessary pain.

iPhone 11 Pro

In other news, the release of the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max yesterday seems a more worthy update. I did laugh at those who have dubbed it the ‘Tarantula’ for its camera design at the back, bless those who’ve released potential renderings with 20 or so cameras, I needed the laugh with being home sick at the moment.

It appears the 3-camera design and Apple’s algorithms for handling low-light may make this release iPhone Pro a more worthy upgrade consideration. I haven’t seen what telecoms vendors are preparing to charge for the phones here, I may even consider an outright purchase rather than payment plan as I’m sick of paying year-on-year to upgrade, though OUCH for the upgrade cost. Might check what Apple’s options here are for once 🤔 Someone save my wallet from me!

Checking till you just can’t check no more

At work each month I am responsible for conducting data quality audits on our various research systems. Depending upon the type of audit (full or sample) conducted it can be quite laborious to complete, some months can have hundreds and hundreds of items for me to check, then there are other months where the list gets a lot smaller (and me happier!).

At the moment I am currently doing the audit of research outputs, the spreadsheet I have for this is quite extensive as there are a number of different output types, and the types of data captured differs accordingly. Over time I have tweaked this, and tweaked it again some to the point it is now a polished beast allowing me to quickly enter data and work with data I have extracted using the Discoverer reporting tool.

Some days, like today, you hit those research outputs where the research team working on a research output must have included all bar one researcher on the planet, I honestly don’t understand how they manage to make contributions to these outputs functional. I was going crosseyed this afternoon trying to check a refereed journal article having in excess of 100 authors, what made me laugh was that the person who’d entered the research output into our output’s system had given up by the time they’d reached researcher no. 47, our contributing author, feeling they no longer needed to add anyone else.

I’m thinking we’ll need to use Scopus or Web of Science to extract the author information and import it into the record so we don’t need to manually enter it ourselves, we often need to do so with such outputs as you end up finding yourself missing someone and having to delete authors and add all over again as we can’t insert from that author you missed; there’s nothing worse than when that happens and there’s a lot of authors.

Time to unboggle those eyes. Hello, weekend!

Are they just insecure and short a brain cell or two?

Lately I’ve been adding a bit of colour to the wardrobe. As a formerly large bloke I had nigh on fuck all choice in the clothing department, it was Target’s Big Men’s or go over the road to Kinsize Menswear. Then two years ago that all changed and Johnny Bigg arrived, it was so much more my style, and my wallet got a huge beating.

Late last year I got sick and the docs told me that weight had to come off, so surgery was a must not an option, my lungs needed the pressure reduced. Best thing I did to be honest, though by no means easy. With the weight loss has come options to buy in many more stores, and over time more still will avail to me as I drop to even smaller sizes.

So it was yesterday I was heading to the shops, again, as there was a sale on at my favourite clothing retailer, Tarocash; buy one get the second half price. As I entered from the car park, wearing an orange denim jacket and dark blue jeans, these guys pulled out of their parking bay adjacent the escalators, then just as I was heading down one yells out “Poof”.

First of all, I am straight. I wasn’t aware that colour was limited to the LGBTIQ community, though I’ll be sure to check with my cousin just to ensure I’m not infringing on territory here haha.

Secondly, who the fuck do these tossers think they are? Is there some hormone secreted by groups of stupid males that when in groups intensifies and they are compelled to exhibit their stupidity? Such a pity their parents weren’t wearing a condom that night and saving the world another idiot.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy my adventures with colour, it beats wearing drab and dull as I was forced to wear in the past.

Adjusting now to the cold

The past seven months there’s gradually been less and less of me, that is I’ve been shedding many of those extra kilos I’ve had for decades. With carrying extra pounds you tend to not enjoy the hotter weather terribly much, well at least this Aussie never did.

Now, much lighter, I’ve found the colder months over winter I’ve been much, much colder than I ever was as my larger self. I got so desperate a few weekends ago, the weather rather chilly this day, that I headed off to K-Mart, not my usually department store of preference, to purchase one of their heated blankets – sadly out-of-stock. Try as I may no other vendors were selling these either, so continue to freeze I did. I did manage to find a slightly warming traditional blanket though, however the powered version would have been toastalicious.

Never before have I ever suggested I was looking forward to warmer weather, however I find myself longing for the warmer months now. I have even looked at quick jaunts to places like Singapore, Phuket and Bali just to thaw out, I think I truly need it about now. I may even find now I’d not be an eternal ball of sweat as I was visiting each of these destinations in the past.

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