Trying Kaspersky

Following issues I’d experienced the other evening on my MacBook Pro with Sophos blocking access to the internet for my web browsers, I’ve decided to trial Kaspersky Internet Security 2020. Immediately I am already noticing one thing, my MacBook Pro is faster, Sophos was clearly impacting upon the speed of my machine and in no small way, things are feeling zippy despite my being on a SSD.

Installation was relatively easy process, though as I am on Catalina additional permissions seem to be required. Unlike reviews online were suggesting, I wasn’t required to restart my machine once settings were applied and setup was completed, I was able to continue using my Mac. The cost is completely reasonable at roughly $42, though I think the renew price is higher which is strange.

Nice to have a faster machine without having to shell out thousands to Apple 😆

When free becomes a PITA

It has been ten years since I made the decision at home to move from Windows to Mac. I had grown sick of the six monthly cycle of wiping my hard drive clean to re-install Windows and apps in order to regain my system’s performance [geek requirement!]. Back then I purchased myself a 15-inch MacBook Pro, by today’s standards it was HUGE, it came with a traditional hard drive, a superdrive (aka DVD burner) and the most minimal amount of RAM.

Another reason I enjoyed the move to Mac was one, rather stupid, experience I’d had after an install in 2002 when doing one of those six monthly re-installs. On this occasion I had idiotically forgotten to unplug from the internet, I wiped my desktop, spent the requisite time installing Windows XP and several application suites only to have malware self-install and take over my machine; you learn the hard way sometimes in life, don’t you. Whilst that was my only such experience, I grew sick of the constant need for annual anti-virus subscriptions, constantly shelling out funds to McAfee, Symantec or Kaspersky in order to protect my machine as Microsoft certainly wasn’t doing so out of the box.

Thus in 2009, I decided to purchase the MacBook Pro. Back then, Macs were not yet on the radar of hackers, at least not in any great way. Coming from a Unix-based foundation, OS X (now macOS) was better prepared to ward off threats. Despite this I was forced to eventually seek out some measure of protection and recommended sources suggested the free version of Sophos was worthy of installation.

Initially this worked well, however there have been a few issues along the way over the years. About five years ago there was an issue where key files had been identified as potentially infected files – yikes! Thankfully they resolved that quickly. There has also been an ongoing niggling issue that affects Time Machine backups, it really slows these down considerably and I was always forced to disable whenever I remembered to connect my backup drive [I’ve woeful for a geek at doing so].

Tonight, I have been forced to uninstall Sophos as it was blocking all web browsers from accessing the internet. I was near pulling my hair out trying everything from restarting, quitting mDNSResponder, deleting my wireless networks, deleting caches, and even considering re-installing macOS Catalina.

Before re-installing macOS, I decided I’d try removing Sophos. Poor design of this app requires your connection to the internet and a functional web browser in order to manage its features, thus removal was my only choice. I don’t feel I can go without protection these days, so I may need to look at alternate options now, at least my web browsers are restored to me.

Apple TV+

Yesterday, I managed to gain access to Apple TV+ and was disappointed when the dialog didn’t display to reward me with one year’s free access in exchange for my iPhone 11 Pro , turns out I was a day early, the dialog displayed today and I had a grin ear to ear.

I began checking Jason Mamoa’s series See, a post-apocalyptic series in which the populace are blinded and twins are born with sight. Their sight is hidden from the tribe to prevent their likely slaughter. It’s an interesting series, I need to watch more to truly see how it’s going to progress.

Next I checked out Morning Wars, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reece Witherspoon. This has been panned, however I haven’t minded it, though agree it’s not perfect. Reece is great.

I briefly stopped by Snoopy in Space, lasting perhaps two minutes of I think the eight or so minute episode length. This really didn’t do anything for me, maybe it’s just the content that doesn’t suit rather than being crap itself.

Next I ventured to Dickinson, a period piece about Emily Dickinson and her struggles as a writer in society that only saw women in a particular role, something she challenged the notion of. I very much enjoyed this series forward to returning and watching more.

Finally tonight I am watching a series that reminds me of the series Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video in which the events of World War II are turned on their head, here too in For All Mankind the space race is re-examined and the Russians succeed in landing first on the moon, landing a huge blow to the American psyche.

I look forward to seeing further programs from Apple TV+ as they become available, I’m looking forward to the forthcoming Servant whenever it’s due. Great start!

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