Two weeks off

Well, today I turned 21 (again). Groundhog day is at play it would seem, got to love that. I awoke to an email from one of my favourite department stores, Myer, giving me a $10 gift voucher. Yay! I already had $40 in vouchers with them, so internet shopping was definitely order of the (birth)day given today was also the last day of Myer sales.

I found myself two pair of chinos that would look damned fine, with discount applied I was only out $32. I figured given today’s sales I might also spoil myself by heading in-store to check out what I might like for my birthday. As it would happen, there was 40% off Calvin Klein Jeans, plus an additional 10% off atop this, so I managed to get a great pair of jeans for $107. As I was heading out of store I saw an amazing orange shirt, that was the end of me, as I then headed around store and found two additional shirts, another $60 with all the discounts applied. Then down to mens fragrances, the Issey Miyake Wood & Wood somehow made it into my bag for $158. Well I always was good a rewarding myself for my birthday haha.

Tomorrow begins two weeks off work, I have been looking forward to this for months as I have been so exhausted. The past few weeks alone I have been waking earlier than normal (normal is 5am), some mornings at 3-3.30am, which absolutely throws me out for the rest of the day. I have sat at work like a zombie some days, even coffee unable to rescue me. It all came to a head yesterday, Saturday, when after seeing Maleficent 2 I came home, went to bed just after lunch and was up/down till 8pm before finally going to sleep.

I am hoping these next few weeks to both rest and set a trend for going to the gym. Despite my joining the gym some months ago I actually haven’t gone now for almost two months, mostly as result of getting sick each time I start going. Cross your fingers for me I do not again get sick as I attempt going once more, I will be so annoyed if my body crashes as result going on leave (hear that happens!).

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