Cuttin’ it with Avada

I’m currently developing a WordPress site with one of the more popular WordPress themes, Avada. The client didn’t have much of a budget, so initially I was looking at free options, I thought Gutenberg might allow me some measure of being able to develop her site nowadays without the need for a commercial theme. How wrong I was. I apologise to my neighbours, for their ears heard were bashed regularly at my utter frustration with those free themes and Gutenberg.

I relented and paid for Avada, I had helped a friend last year with an earlier version of this theme to develop her business website, my first time ever using it, so I wasn’t entirely experienced using. Thus, developing my client’s site this time around using the latest and greatest release Avada with a live editor has been a much better experience. All the frustrations I’d been experiencing with the free themes quickly melted away and suddenly progress was being made, designs were being realised and I was moving forward.

That being said, considerable time has still been expended working on implementing things for what is just a small site, really highlighting how little time I have spent working with WordPress. I have quite enjoyed crafting responsive solutions to problems I have faced, I do wonder if others implement in quite the same way. Due to my using different backgrounds depending on the background, and laying content out differently, I am having to replicate structures and content for each mobile/tablet/desktop and specify container is for which device.

The lessons I learn on this project I will hopefully be able to translate to a larger project I’m being considered for later in the year. Thankfully the budget there will be much bigger and plug-in options greater.

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