Watch gets an upgrade

Is Apple planning to notify Apple Watch Series 2 owners their services will be end of life? watchOS 6 has been delayed for this and Series 3, and today watchOS 5.3 received a point release update instead.

This concerned me as a series 2 owner, enough to relent and upgrade myself today to a series 5 GPS model. I had wanted to upgrade this year anyway, however wasn’t that impressed by the series 5 update, it didn’t have much differentiation over the previous model. I had intended to then wait till next year expecting my watch might continue to be better supported, seems it’s coming to end of support soon.

Now upgraded, the experience is off a watch that is certainly faster and responsive to my input. The increased screen size is nice making use easier over my older model. I did have issues with sync of exercise tonight, some 10k missing steps not going through until I restarted the watch. Glad that was sorted as the activity was going nowhere, I knew I’d move but was seeing no increases in my stats; I ended up with 23k steps once all was resolved.

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