Updating the old iPad Pro painful

My old, and I say this tongue in cheek, 10.5 inch iPad Pro has sat in a draw since earlier this year when I upgraded to the 11 inch iPad Pro as I liked the new snap to body Apple Pencil 2. I have been meaning this whole time to prepare it for sale and procrastinated all the while.

Now, I have both the iPad Pro and iPhone X that I must sell as neither need sit in my drawers and gather dust when they might best be used by another. Tonight, I got the older iPad Pro out of its drawer to apply the very latest iPadOS 13.1 so its future owner would have the latest and greatest. That was the intent anyway.

After charging the iPad to full I told it to set to download the update, it refused. The iPad was not connecting to my network for some reason. After some wrangling I eventually settled upon testing its network settings under the General menu area. Thankfully, this got me going straight away and download of the update commenced.

Strangely enough doing this then had effect upon my new iPad Pro, I then needed to reset its network settings before I was allowed to download app updates, weird 😤 After the update was applied to my older iPad Pro I had the problem with it showing a menu item that I needed to apply settings and had to supply my iCloud password, I did this a few times before finally we got there. Well I assume I’m there, seems flakey. In any case it’s going to be reset to factory default so unimportant.

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