The iPhone 11 Pro

I picked up my new iPhone 11 pro from Vodafone morning, though I needed to wait until I returned home to start playing with my new device as I was unable to connect to the wifi available at the shopping centre as they require you to provide details to gain access.

One home though, the setup of my new iPhone went smoothly, the old iPhone detecting the new and offering itself up for transfer with the dot cloud to which you hold the camera up and settings are magically transferred. Then began the process of migrating my most recent backup from iCloud, thank the stars I have a 50Mbit connection given I was transferring a large backup. That said, it didn’t take terribly long before the phone restarted and the process of all my apps began installing from the App Store commenced, this did take some time.

I must say the new iPhone is just gorgeous. I went with the new midnight green colour, I was initially hesitant when ordering the colour, however I am glad I did as it’s quite nice. I am also glad of my decision not to go the larger max size and stick with the same size I’d had with my iPhone X, it fits comfortably in hand. I had ordered a UAG case from a vendor over east, sadly they only shipped it yesterday, so I’ve purchased Apple’s clear case which is nice and shows the phone off to boot.

The new camera array is great, when combined with the overhauled camera app it is going to really make for an enjoyable upgrade as I love photography. I look forward to trying out its night mode at some point; check out this photographer’s photo taken in China, it shows how incredible this phone and night mode truly are.

Finally, fast charging is a big win. I don’t usually charge with a cable but rather via the wireless qi pad, but I will keep the cable handy for when I need to head out quickly in future, can get you to 50% in 30 minutes apparently.

A great upgrade that certainly takes advantage of the latest iOS features.

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