Recovered and achieving

Between a brief setback with my lungs recently, and then days later coming down with a bad case of gastro that saw me off work last week, I hadn’t exercised in around ten days.

I was going rather stir crazy looking at these four walls you might say, and if had to watch ads from Real Insurance or Choosi one more time I’d have my sister lock me up in the psych ward.

Finally, this weekend I was starting to feel better. Saturday I wasn’t quite there, the stomach still rather angry, but well enough to venture out (and order the new iPhone 11 Pro). Today though, my stomach had settled down far more and I felt safe to finally head out. I threw on the Under Armour gear, Beats headphones and started playing the Markus Schulz Global Dj Broadcast podcast.

I like to do an 8km route, taking under 90 minutes to complete, resulting in just over 10,000 steps by the time I open my front door.

My sneakers have been showing their age, having been bought years ago. I returned this afternoon to Athlete’s Foot to seek a new pair, though damned if I could remember the brand, and their computer was having issues and couldn’t look me up either. As I’ve lost more than a few kilos since I’d last visited it was probably worth getting on their assessment tool anyway.

Ironically, the sneakers I ended up choosing were by the same brand as those I was looking to replace, Saucony. The others I tried were nice but just nowhere as comfortable as these, nor as stylish.

Inspired by my new purchase I again headed out tonight for a second walk, not something I do terribly often. I am stoked I did, I’ve ended the day with around 23,000 steps and achieved 400% move award for the first time on my Apple Watch as well as an exercise record. Chuffed!

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