Are they just insecure and short a brain cell or two?

Lately I’ve been adding a bit of colour to the wardrobe. As a formerly large bloke I had nigh on fuck all choice in the clothing department, it was Target’s Big Men’s or go over the road to Kinsize Menswear. Then two years ago that all changed and Johnny Bigg arrived, it was so much more my style, and my wallet got a huge beating.

Late last year I got sick and the docs told me that weight had to come off, so surgery was a must not an option, my lungs needed the pressure reduced. Best thing I did to be honest, though by no means easy. With the weight loss has come options to buy in many more stores, and over time more still will avail to me as I drop to even smaller sizes.

So it was yesterday I was heading to the shops, again, as there was a sale on at my favourite clothing retailer, Tarocash; buy one get the second half price. As I entered from the car park, wearing an orange denim jacket and dark blue jeans, these guys pulled out of their parking bay adjacent the escalators, then just as I was heading down one yells out “Poof”.

First of all, I am straight. I wasn’t aware that colour was limited to the LGBTIQ community, though I’ll be sure to check with my cousin just to ensure I’m not infringing on territory here haha.

Secondly, who the fuck do these tossers think they are? Is there some hormone secreted by groups of stupid males that when in groups intensifies and they are compelled to exhibit their stupidity? Such a pity their parents weren’t wearing a condom that night and saving the world another idiot.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy my adventures with colour, it beats wearing drab and dull as I was forced to wear in the past.

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