September releases awaited

September is likely to bring with it the annual updates to iOS and macOS, and now a splintered version of iOS for iPad in iPadOS. The latter is welcomed in that it will finally start to distinguish the platform from other iOS devices, especially iPad Pro which does offer greater realestate. It will be great to see where Apple takes iPadOS beyond its initial release, hopefully tackling benefits seen on other competing platforms.

On macOS, I am particularly excited for the arrival of Shortcuts, I have enjoyed this app on iOS using it for a variety of tasks, including resizing/cropping photos for use on my blogs. I have used Automator on macOS for years, however this app I have found to be slow and occasionally the app didn’t produce its output or would pause.

On the hardware front, I am definitely hoping Apple releases Apple Watch Series 5. Having a Series 2, I am finding it doesn’t recognise exercises automatically until well into the activity. I am keen for a new device and there’s rumblings of two new models mentioned in watchOS 6.

I am somewhat on the fence with reports of the next iPhone, is this in part due to the fact I’ve still a year to go before my phone contract expires? Or, is there nothing being reported that truly inspires my desire to break contract and upgrade? The cameras look nice, however again we’re talking one of those “S” year upgrades again, and being massively fucked over on the price. I think the price these days turns me off upgrading the most, the value just isn’t there. Given users are now slowing their upgrade path, I wonder if this will start to influence pricing structures?

I shall welcome the arrival to iOS and iPadOS of swift-style keyboard entry without a third party plugin, I had tried these a few years ago with degrees of success. My biggest concern using these related to their possible access to secure content and having to swap away from their keyboards to system default for things like banking apps.

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