Adjusting now to the cold

The past seven months there’s gradually been less and less of me, that is I’ve been shedding many of those extra kilos I’ve had for decades. With carrying extra pounds you tend to not enjoy the hotter weather terribly much, well at least this Aussie never did.

Now, much lighter, I’ve found the colder months over winter I’ve been much, much colder than I ever was as my larger self. I got so desperate a few weekends ago, the weather rather chilly this day, that I headed off to K-Mart, not my usually department store of preference, to purchase one of their heated blankets – sadly out-of-stock. Try as I may no other vendors were selling these either, so continue to freeze I did. I did manage to find a slightly warming traditional blanket though, however the powered version would have been toastalicious.

Never before have I ever suggested I was looking forward to warmer weather, however I find myself longing for the warmer months now. I have even looked at quick jaunts to places like Singapore, Phuket and Bali just to thaw out, I think I truly need it about now. I may even find now I’d not be an eternal ball of sweat as I was visiting each of these destinations in the past.

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