Are they just insecure and short a brain cell or two?

Lately I’ve been adding a bit of colour to the wardrobe. As a formerly large bloke I had nigh on fuck all choice in the clothing department, it was Target’s Big Men’s or go over the road to Kinsize Menswear. Then two years ago that all changed and Johnny Bigg arrived, it was so much more my style, and my wallet got a huge beating.

Late last year I got sick and the docs told me that weight had to come off, so surgery was a must not an option, my lungs needed the pressure reduced. Best thing I did to be honest, though by no means easy. With the weight loss has come options to buy in many more stores, and over time more still will avail to me as I drop to even smaller sizes.

So it was yesterday I was heading to the shops, again, as there was a sale on at my favourite clothing retailer, Tarocash; buy one get the second half price. As I entered from the car park, wearing an orange denim jacket and dark blue jeans, these guys pulled out of their parking bay adjacent the escalators, then just as I was heading down one yells out “Poof”.

First of all, I am straight. I wasn’t aware that colour was limited to the LGBTIQ community, though I’ll be sure to check with my cousin just to ensure I’m not infringing on territory here haha.

Secondly, who the fuck do these tossers think they are? Is there some hormone secreted by groups of stupid males that when in groups intensifies and they are compelled to exhibit their stupidity? Such a pity their parents weren’t wearing a condom that night and saving the world another idiot.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy my adventures with colour, it beats wearing drab and dull as I was forced to wear in the past.

macOS Mojave issues

This past week my late-2015 MacBook Pro has been having issues connecting via wireless to our router, requiring me to restart the router before web browsers can access the internet. The strange thing is, other web-enabled applications and tools have had no issue accessing the internet during this time, so I know there’s some issue with macOS Mojave. Seriously frustrating. I am just waiting for a news posting on Mac websites to say Apple has been tweaking settings in preparation for macOS Catalina or what have you.

Using the inbuilt wireless diagnostic tool, I have changed our 5GHz wireless channel given its recommendation. It appears several other wireless routers in our neighbourhood were sharing the same channel, the tool suggesting a swap to channel 161.

Here’s hoping tweaking the 5GHz channel, restarting the router and my MacBook Pro will finally resolve the issues I’ve been experiencing. I also hope that macOS Catalina brings improved code; I dare to dream, don’t I.

September releases awaited

September is likely to bring with it the annual updates to iOS and macOS, and now a splintered version of iOS for iPad in iPadOS. The latter is welcomed in that it will finally start to distinguish the platform from other iOS devices, especially iPad Pro which does offer greater realestate. It will be great to see where Apple takes iPadOS beyond its initial release, hopefully tackling benefits seen on other competing platforms.

On macOS, I am particularly excited for the arrival of Shortcuts, I have enjoyed this app on iOS using it for a variety of tasks, including resizing/cropping photos for use on my blogs. I have used Automator on macOS for years, however this app I have found to be slow and occasionally the app didn’t produce its output or would pause.

On the hardware front, I am definitely hoping Apple releases Apple Watch Series 5. Having a Series 2, I am finding it doesn’t recognise exercises automatically until well into the activity. I am keen for a new device and there’s rumblings of two new models mentioned in watchOS 6.

I am somewhat on the fence with reports of the next iPhone, is this in part due to the fact I’ve still a year to go before my phone contract expires? Or, is there nothing being reported that truly inspires my desire to break contract and upgrade? The cameras look nice, however again we’re talking one of those “S” year upgrades again, and being massively fucked over on the price. I think the price these days turns me off upgrading the most, the value just isn’t there. Given users are now slowing their upgrade path, I wonder if this will start to influence pricing structures?

I shall welcome the arrival to iOS and iPadOS of swift-style keyboard entry without a third party plugin, I had tried these a few years ago with degrees of success. My biggest concern using these related to their possible access to secure content and having to swap away from their keyboards to system default for things like banking apps.

Adjusting now to the cold

The past seven months there’s gradually been less and less of me, that is I’ve been shedding many of those extra kilos I’ve had for decades. With carrying extra pounds you tend to not enjoy the hotter weather terribly much, well at least this Aussie never did.

Now, much lighter, I’ve found the colder months over winter I’ve been much, much colder than I ever was as my larger self. I got so desperate a few weekends ago, the weather rather chilly this day, that I headed off to K-Mart, not my usually department store of preference, to purchase one of their heated blankets – sadly out-of-stock. Try as I may no other vendors were selling these either, so continue to freeze I did. I did manage to find a slightly warming traditional blanket though, however the powered version would have been toastalicious.

Never before have I ever suggested I was looking forward to warmer weather, however I find myself longing for the warmer months now. I have even looked at quick jaunts to places like Singapore, Phuket and Bali just to thaw out, I think I truly need it about now. I may even find now I’d not be an eternal ball of sweat as I was visiting each of these destinations in the past.

It’s a matter of preference

As I entered my teenage years, way back in early part of the mid-80s (gosh, that makes me feel old), my parents got my brother and I the family’s first ever personal computer. These were not common place in households at the time, the Vic 20 and Commodore 64 were barely making their presence known in Australian households at the time. For us, our Christmas present was the Spectrum ZX-81, having a whopping 1KB of memory.

Ironically, this Christmas present didn’t last terribly long, and was replaced within two months by a Commodore 64 as we’d realised quickly the Spectrum just wasn’t capable of much. We bought add-on devices for the Commodore 64, such as the 5.25″ floppy drive, it made loading our games and applications so much more speedy compared to loading from tape.

A few years later, I bought myself the Amiga 500. Sadly I couldn’t afford a monitor and had to continue using a TV as my screen, finances didn’t stretch to that luxury as a poor student, but my latest tech purchase blew my mind. Its storage was more compact at 3.5″ and far more speedy, its graphics were incredible, and set me on the path towards an interest in digital graphics design.

As a university student I would move on from the Amiga to the PC, though the platform had been abandoned by Commodore which had fallen into bankruptcy by this point. The PC offered me the ability to truly customise my experience, though I was never greatly enamoured with MS-DOS/Windows. As a Computer Science student I recall in my first year having to develop a basic assembly language program to draw a graphical step, mind blowing I know. Unfortunately for me, at the time graphical memory was reallocated due to memory constraints, I hit that memory location with my programming and promptly manage to cause the operating system to overwrite the hard disk’s file table. Had to spend the rest of that day re-installing our computer, ugh.

I continued to use PCs at home for about 10 years after I had started working, every year going through the process of re-building my PC, not for the reason already mentioned but rather due to the well-known reason that Windows slows down over time and this geek prefers his speed. Come 2009 I’d had enough and decided to invest in my first Mac, a MacBook Pro. I had first toyed with Macs when a university student, primarily because these computers were always available as other university students didn’t understand how to use them – lucky me!

For me, Macs have long been a great investment despite their higher upfront cost. I find that compared to Windows I am able to get things done quicker on a Mac than on Windows, even with improvements that have been made to Windows 10. For one, the ability to develop tools using Automator has always been useful. As a web developer in the past I have used this to prepend/append dates to files within Finder depending upon my need, or to bulk webify filenames to ensure they met naming conventions. I had no equivalent on Windows and was forced to do such things manually. The forthcoming update to macOS brings a more powerful tool originally from the iOS platform, I have loved using this on my iPhone/iPad Pro to quickly achieve things like setting calendar appointments, resize & crop images and launch apps by saying their name.

Platforms at very much a matter of preference, my father is firmly in the PC and Android camp, whilst I fall into the Mac and iOS. All have their benefits, their pitfalls, their fanbois and articles pointing out how the next release version could improve upon the last. One thing is for certain, without the competition there would likely be far less reason to innovate.

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